Coral Creatures is a small marine ornamental aquaculture business, specialising in the production of corals, fish, and shrimp.

Coral Creatures was born from a passionate marine aquarist with close to 20 years experience in reef keeping and is continually trialling new fish/invert species and hopes to break new ground to provide a greater selection of high quality aquacultured stock. To date, the following have been successfully bred and raised:

  • Amphiprion frenatus
  • Amphiprion ocellaris
  • Amphiprion percula
  • Premnas biaculeatus
  • Pterapogon kauderni
  • Lysmata vittata
  • Thor amboinensis
  • Lysmata debelius

Species currently being worked on:

  • Amhiprionpolymnus
  • Gobiodon okinawae
  • Chromis viridis
  • Chrysiptera parasema
  • Lysmata amboinensis

Coral Creatures does not chop wild collected coral colonies and on sell. All corals have been in captivity for more than a year before new captive growth is fragged. These first-generation frags are then grown out and then fragged again, and are either grown out for sale or used to make future frags. Therefore, frags sold are at a minimum, second-generation and believed to be without wild tissue. Some of the original broodstock have been in captive care for 5+ years, with some originally purchased as small aquacultured frags.
The aquaculture of all marine fish and inverts is land-based using artificial seawater and all zooplankton feed is cultured on site, not from collected plankton tows.

Happy Reefing!
Christopher Holt
Mobile: 0415 621 603
Email: Chris@CoralCreatures.com.au