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Medium Frag Tiles (~45mm x 45mm) – 25 pack


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Product Description

Ideal for corals that spread (e.g., green star polyps)


About Coral Creatures frag tiles/plugs/rocks

 Made in house and ceramic fired right here in Australia! All frags have a low profile (~5mm thick), which makes it easier to frag for future fragging and to trim and maintain that natural look in your display tank. For example, after trimming excess tile, the remaining section of the tile, which the coral has fully encrusted, is simply glued in place so no glue needs to be applied directly to the coral tissue, allowing for a safer transplant.

 All Coral Creature’s plugs/tiles feature a squared design that allows frags to be tightly packed side-by-side, saving space.  It is recommended to quickly rinse first before use. It is recommended to quickly rinse first before use. 


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